Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer
Q.: - Can I create an Account on your website and advertise if I am not a qualified therapist?

A.: – Yes, you can. Even though we do not assume any responsibilities for any of our Members, and we try our best to find the top therapists and personal trainers, many of them don’t own a diploma in this respect or may not interfere with their work. We advise you to inform your clients about your qualifications and the type of massage you are great at; they will definitely be thankful for your honesty and their trust in you will certainly increase.

Q.: - How to set up a new profile on MyMassageLondon?

A.: – Creating an Account on a website has never been easier! You simply go to website and you will find the Add button in the main Menu, just below the Log in function. After this, a new page will be displayed and you just need to press on Add New and you are a page away from creating your own profile on MyMassageLondon. You just need to follow a few easy steps which will require some personal information such as Name, Telephone Number, E-mail address, a short description of your services etc. After you have provided us with all the information, and as soon as we verify your e-mail address, you will receive a message with the required activation link. All you have to do is to follow that link and then enjoy posting on MyMassageLondon.

Q.: - How can I change my profile details once created?

A.: – Well, firstly before creating your profile with all the information you have provided us, a Preview function will be available to check if everything suits you. If you have already created the profile and decide you need to change or update some information the best way to do this is to send us an email in which you inform us about the changes that needs to be done and we will make sure these changes occur as soon as possible. Once edited, your profile should be updated within 24 hours.

Q.: - What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

A.: – Don’t worry! These things can happen to each and every one of us. You can easily change your password if you can’t remember the old one. Just before logging in, you can press on the Lost your Password button and we will require the email you used to create the account. Soon afterwards, you will receive an email from us with another password in order to access your profile, which you can keep or change with a new one.

Q.: - How do I pay?

A.: – We provide you the easiest and safest way to pay for our professional services, as stipulated in the Terms and Condition section. Please visit the website section and if you still have question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q.: - Can I withdraw my profile from the website?

A.: – Yes, if you want to delete your profile, you can do it directly from the website or contact us by e-mail, notifying us about your intention. Please visit Terms and Condition section from our website.

Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

A.: – We can’t tell you some steps you need to follow to make sure you enjoy your massage, because there is a wide variety of massage types you can choose from. We can only suggest you some thoughts which will definitely guide you through the good pathway. Before making your appointment, you should make sure you have some “time for yourself” and not doing this in a rush, because you will not be able to relax, so neither you nor the therapist will enjoy the session. If you know you have to get to an important meeting afterwards maybe the best option is to cancel the appointment and reschedule it for after the meeting or some other day. Make sure you let the therapist know about these changes through an email or a message because some might still charge you if it is a last minute change. Another important thing to do before the massage is to have a nice and warm shower which will help you get rid of all the products you used for your skin, relax and freshen up.

A.: – It is best and advised to discuss this matter with the therapist. They can tell you whether you should wear underwear or if both of you are comfortable and agree that you can undress completely and be covered just with the towel. Very important and detrimental to a happy and steady relationship is to respect one another.

A.: – The therapist is usually the one who should provide the oil needed for the massage, together with their positive energy and music which will help you relax. We think you should be the one to provide a towel because it is the most hygienic option.

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